Kim Kardashian Can't Help but Get Shamed for This Adorable Photo of North West

Jawad Elatab/Splash News

Kim Kardashian
Jawad Elatab/Splash News

Just like lots of proud moms, Kim Kardashian loves sharing photos of her little ones -- especially shots of her eldest, daughter North West, looking positively stylin'. Unfortunately, even the most benign, heartfelt shot is sure to score the reality star a slew of judgy comments. Case in point: Today, Sunday, December 3, Kim took to Instagram to share a sweet new photo of North, which immediately incited criticism. 

  • The new photo features North in a pink furry jacket with a blingy choker, looking absolutely precious.

    Kim captioned the shot of her 4-year-old simply, "My little lady."

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  • Some commenters felt like North's outfit is an example of how Kim is shortchanging her daughter's youth.

    Apparently, couture-level clothing and jewelry are forcing the 4-year-old to grow up too fast?

  • Others lamented North missing out on a "normal childhood."

  • Finally, some commenters sardonically noted how pricey the celeb kid's ensemble must've been.

  • Thankfully, not everyone had a negative remark for the mom of two. Some actually applauded North's sense of style.

    Seriously! If you don't dig adorable glimpses of this budding fashionista -- who, newsflash, happens to be the offspring of a designer and a beauty entrepreneur -- maybe best not to follow Kim in the first place?