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  • Fans also had to weigh in on Michelle's bare legs in the photo.

    After all, Michelle is a firm believer in female legs being covered up. In the same blog post, she also wrote, "This isn't for everyone, and we don't push this on anybody. And we don't judge anyone that doesn't have this perspective, but for us, we felt like we needed to be covered from our neck to below our knees mainly because God talks about the thigh being uncovered, and how that's nakedness and shame."

    Granted, she's only showing off her calves here, but she really should be careful with those shapely things! We are kidding of course, as this commenter obviously was. But if folks are going to govern themselves so strictly when it comes to clothes, of course we're going to tease them from time to time. 

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  • Finally someone hit the nail on the head.

    Wearing bathing suits at the beach isn't about "defrauding" other people into sinful thoughts ... it's about being able to stay cool and enjoy the sand, sun, and water. Even if Michelle decided to take a dip in this outfit, she'd be sticky and wet and likely very uncomfortable for a long time afterwards. 

    Michelle's likely to never change on her approach to swimwear, but we're still holding out hope that maybe someday we will see Jinger in at least a one-piece. Now that would be truly amazing.