Meghan Markle's Royal Title Is Resting on Queen Elizabeth's Shoulders

Zak Hussein/Splash News

Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announce their engagement on Monday, we've been wondering if Meg will get a title. Considering that she's not only "common," but also an American who was raised in Los Angeles, it's seemed unlikely that she'd be allowed to be an official princess, despite being married to a prince.

  • According to TMZ, Meghan's American citizenship won't get in the way of any potential titles.

    Sources at Buckingham Palace told the gossip site that it's up to Queen Elizabeth to bestow a royal title upon the lovely Meghan, even before her British citizenship is official.

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    In fact, there isn't going to be any special treatment for Harry's bride when it comes to becoming a Brit. She will reportedly have to wait up to five years, just like everyone else.

    Which means that Meghan could legit become the first "American" princess.

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  • Granted it would only be until her citizenship was officially transferred to Britain.

    And of course Queen Elizabeth would have to actually give her the title of "princess."

    Which is unlikely, given that not even the wife of Prince Harry's older brother Prince William got to officially be Princess Catherine, and Will is second in line to the throne.

  • However, Meghan will still be an official princess of sorts -- just like Kate Middleton.

    Retropix/Splash News

    It's expected that Queen Elizabeth will offer Harry and Meghan Dukedom on their wedding day in May, like she did with Prince William and Kate Middleton, aka the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 

    Even so, Kate's official title is Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales, and Meghan's will be Her Royal Highness Princess Henry of Wales (Henry is Harry's real name). According to royal historian Hugo Vickers, we shouldn't expect to call Meghan a princess anymore than Kate. He reportedly said, "It’s wrong to call a royal duchess ‘princess’ unless she’s already a princess. But they can do what they like. I’m sure the press will call her Princess Meghan. I just hope they don’t abbreviate it to Princess Megs.”

    Noted. Princess Meghan is it. American Princess Meghan. At least until she's officially British.