Ben Affleck Is Reportedly Ready to 'Dump' His Girlfriend for Jennifer Garner & We're So Confused

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner
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Um ... what? Reports are surfacing that Ben Affleck is ready to reconcile with Jennifer Garner, even though he's currently dating SNL producer Lindsay Shookus. And yeah, we're pretty confused AF.

  • It's been two years since this couple split, with Jennifer filing for divorce back in April.

    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck
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    There've been whispers Jennifer once confronted Lindsay for seeing Ben while she was still married to him (yeah, Ben and Lindsay's timeline of when they officially got together is suspect) -- making news of a possible second chance very ... interesting.

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  • The celeb dad might've jumped into another relationship, but apparently he is ready to dump Lindsay Shookus "immediately" should Jen be willing to reconcile.

    Lindsay Shookus and Ben Affleck
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    A source told In Touch Weekly that Ben "has been making an effort to improve his life" recently, which is pretty major (if true).

  • "Ben never wanted this divorce to happen and would absolutely get back together with Jen in a second if she would have him," a source alleged to "In Touch Weekly."

    Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, and Lindsay Shookus
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    In Touch also reports Jennifer and Ben have been attending biweekly family therapy, which could be the catalyst that not only inspired the Justice League actor to stay in his ex's good graces, but possibly win her back. "Jen was so unbelievably supportive of Ben with his sobriety struggles," the source explained. "That has only made Ben love her more. He has told friends that the biggest heartbreak of his life was losing Jen as his wife."

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    "Ben broke down in recent weeks and told Jen how sorry he was for putting her through hell," the mystery "friend" mentioned during the exclusive interview. "He promised that he would try to do better."

  • As for Lindsay Shookus, an insider claimed "she's devastated" by the reported news.

    Lindsay Shookus
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    "She thought Ben was over Jennifer, because he truly convinced her that was the case," the unnamed source mentioned to In Touch. "Now she's telling friends that she knows 'his heart isn't with me."

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    In Touch claims Lindsay "enables" Ben to drink, according to a source, which was a key factor in the demise of his relationship with Jennifer Garner. "Ben needs to focus on getting healthy, and he realizes Jen could help with that," the source added.

  • Honestly, who the heck knows what's going on with this situation.

    Given Jennifer recently admitted she's not "interested in dating" -- and hasn't been out with anyone since her split with Ben -- maybe she's holding out for him to change his life? Obviously, there need to be some serious changes that take place. And we're not even going to touch the fact that Ben is currently dating a woman he allegedly had an affair with for years -- or that he reportedly introduced Lindsay and Jennifer to one another after Thanksgiving. (And now Ben wants to reconcile? Okay ...)

    But, hey, if Ben and Jen really are interested in finding happiness together again, who are we to stand in the way?

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