Jana Duggar's Rumored Boyfriend Gives Fans a Hint They're Really Together


Ever since Duggar family friend Caleb Williams was photographed having dinner with Jana (and the rest of the fam) at their compound in Arkansas, the rumors haven't stopped that these two are secretly courting. 

  • Caleb has shared several selfies with various members of the Duggar family on his Instagram, but it's this bag of oranges that has everyone talking lately.

    He just captioned it, "Ok, I know this is a little weird but here’s a few candid food photos from tonight. #unstaged #food #oranges"

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  • In the same Instagram slideshow, he added this snap of some steak on a paper plate.

  • And some rotisserie chicken and lemon pepper.

    As you do. Well, most people post the #foodstagram photos before their food is half-consumed, but whatever. Caleb's doing his own thing, obviously.

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  • Some people are convinced that Caleb posted the photos from the Duggar kitchen.

  • Another fan agreed, and pointed out that it particularly looked like the Duggars' place in the steak photo above.

    What, just because they have a double set of stovetops? We're sure lots of families have double sets of kitchen appliances! 

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  • Naturally, we had to go looking for photos of the Duggs' kitchen to compare.

    Double sinks. Double-double sinks, actually. And that countertop does look identical to the one in the picture with the cuties, doesn't it? We're going to go ahead and agree that Caleb most likely posted the pictures from the Duggar household. 

    We're not saying that Jana and Caleb are dating ... but he is spending an awful lot of time with her family. And it's interesting that he's not denying the rumors, either. So either he likes the attention it brings him, or it really is true. Somehow we have a feeling Jim Bob wouldn't let him hang out with the family if he was just after the fame. 

    Just a working theory.