Brad Pitt Reportedly Wasn't Invited to His Son's Birthday Party & Blames Angelina

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
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Would someone please give Iyanla Vanzant a call, 'cause we need her to fix a few lives stat. Just when we think there's a glimmer of hope for Brangelina to come to an amicable arrangement, things take a turn for the petty (or do they?). Angelina Jolie reportedly did not let Brad Pitt celebrate their son Pax's birthday with their family -- which is sad ... but might not be the entire story. Something doesn't add up.

  • Brad and Angie's son Pax (that's him on the right) celebrated his 14th birthday on November with his mom and siblings.

    Angelina Jolie with sons Maddox and Pax
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    Angelina and Brad, who separated last September, have five other children together: Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne.

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  • Sadly, it seems papa Brad wasn't able to score an invite, which is pretty heartbreaking (if true).

    Brad Pitt
    Aflo / Splash News spoke exclusively to a Pitt insider who alleges the celeb dad isn't too happy with Angelina keeping him away from his children. "Brad wants nothing more than to be with his children on all their milestones -- like Pax's birthday," the source mentioned to the outlet.

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    "But thanks to Angelina, Brad is sad and disappointed that time with Pax on his big day is simply not possible. He misses his kids more than ever. He does get to see them but it's not nearly as much as he would like and it's always up to Angelina when it happens."

  • But something about this story just doesn't add up and leaves us with so many questions.

    Someone get a calculator, we might need it.

  • For starters, isn't Angelina reportedly trying to "reconcile" with Brad?

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
  • 'Cause not inviting the father of your child to celebrate his birthday likely *isn't* the best move.

    Just sayin'.

  • "Scheduling issues" were reportedly in play, which makes us wonder if Brad was busy on Pax's birthday, or if Angelina told him not to come over.

    Brad Pitt
    Ferdaus Shamim / ZUMA Press / Splash News

    "Angie makes scheduling time with their children challenging and difficult for Brad," the Pitt insider told, adding:

    "Today is a special day for Pax, who is turning 14, but due to scheduling issues that have been in place weeks ago, Brad will be spending the day away from Pax and the other kids who will be celebrating with their mom once again .... It is difficult for Pax to be away from his father, but even more hard for Brad to deal with cause he misses his kids dearly. Things continue to be strained since the divorce began last year and while Brad will see Pax soon, it still isn't the same."

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    Sooo, was Brad just not available to see Pax on his birthday? Because "scheduling issues .... in place weeks ago" doesn't sound like he was turned away at the door.

  • Who the heck knows what's going on. We're just gonna keep this family lifted on the prayer cards.

    ... 'cause it's quite evident they need a miracle from above to sort all this out.

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