Meghan Markle's Fascinating Past: 16 Little-Known Facts About Her

Meghan Markle's Fascinating Past: 16 Little-Known Facts About Her
Image: Zak Hussein/Splash News

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Zak Hussein/Splash News

During the past few days, she's been everywhere, but how much do people really know about future princess Meghan Markle? Yes, she was an actress on the USA Network series Suits and ran a lifestyle blog called The Tig. And yes, she and Prince Harry have had quite the whirlwind romance. But of course, there is so much more to know about the soon-to-be duchess (which is the title the queen will likely give her). Let's find out...

From the sound of things, Meghan was always destined for greatness, and for better or for worse, worldwide fame. She hasn't been in the spotlight very long now, but by all accounts, this has slowly but surely been a long time coming. From her internship at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires to all of the humanitarian works she has under her belt, Meghan's princess-dom certainly is not accidental. And the people who know her seem to agree. 

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We did a little digging and discovered some seriously interesting facts about the former actress. For instance, Meghan isn't even her real name. Oh, and she had a pretty amazing stint on a game show in the early 2000s. And she had a CRAZY side gig at one point! As we unpeel all of her layers, it's plain to see that Meghan is the gift that keeps on giving. Prince Harry is a lucky, lucky man. Here are 16 cool facts about the girl who stole Harry's heart. 


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