How an 'Engagement Chicken' Landed Meghan Markle a Royal Proposal

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There are many elements of the royal engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to get excited about it. We're celebrating their love (love love!) and most of us are very curious about the sparkler he gave her. One element, however, took us a bit by surprise and it's all the clucking about the "engagement chicken." It was on one "cozy night" when Meghan and Harry were together "roasting chicken" and Harry got on one knee and surprised her with a proposal. "It was so sweet and natural," she said, referring to the moment, not the actual chicken. But there's a lot more to this chicken than anyone may realize. 

  • Just where did this phrase come from?

    According to Refinery 29, back in the 2000s, Glamour magazine's fashion editor, Kimberly Connell, coined the term "engagement chicken" when talking about a roasted chicken so incredible that it would make someone propose. And because that's what was being made when Harry asked Meghan to marry him, the term is seeing its time in the spotlight.   

    We all know that a roasted chicken isn't what makes people propose, right? I mean ... what if someone is a vegetarian?!

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  • That hasn't stopped Ina Garten from weighing in.

    Maker of amazing roasted chickens (and many other dishes), Ina Garten couldn't help but share her thoughts on the "magic powers" of a roast chicken. 

    Chicken lovers will agree (and by chicken lovers, I mean those who eat chicken). But as it turns out, this type of chicken was something both Meghan and Harry fawned over long before either of them even knew who the other one was.

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  • Meghan LOVES roasted chicken.

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    In an interview with Good Housekeeping, Meghan said, "There is nothing as delicious (or as impressive) as a perfectly roasted chicken. It's a game changer. I bring that to dinner parties and make a lot of friends."  

    Meghan is a foodie, likes to cook, and isn't winning people over just from her chicken cooking skills. Harry fell in love with all that she is; just as she fell in love with all that he is. And as it turns out, chicken happens to be a commonality.

  • Harry LOVES chicken.

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    It's true -- roasted chicken is Harry's favorite dish -- and it's what his sister-in-law Kate would reportedly make him when he visited to play with his niece and nephew. Roasted chicken makes Harry happy! So of course that's what he and Meghan were preparing together on that oh so fateful and cozy night he proposed. He wanted the evening to be perfect, filled with all his favorites. 

    It's not always about the chicken, but who is eating that chicken with you.

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