Matt Roloff's Getaway Has Fans Speculating Amy Purposely Excluded Him From a Family Gathering

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What holiday celebration would be complete without a little family drama? By now, you've probably heard Amy Roloff hosted a Thanksgiving family celebration with her boyfriend Chris. And with all Roloff kids -- including Molly and Jacob -- present and accounted for, some people have been sounding off as to why Matt Roloff wasn't there, speculating he and his girlfriend Caryn had to make other plans as a result of being excluded.

  • The "Little People, Big World" patriarch revealed in a November 17 Facebook post he found out about Amy's Thanksgiving plans while away in Mexico.

    "Yesterday I found out that all my amazing kids and grandkids had very cool Thanksgiving plans with the in-laws and Amy ..." Roloff wrote in his Facebook post. "I said a sweet goodbye to Jer, Auj, Ember, and Zach [and] Tori [and] Jackson, and even Amy [helped me] get the financials all wrapped up early. Then my best travel buddy Ty [whisked] me off to Cabo early this morning to enjoy a few days of R&R in the sun ... it's becoming our November tradition. So here we are. In full sun and relax. But missing those grandbabies like never before ... thank goodness it's only a 5-day visit."

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  • "I told Zach ... next year Thanksgiving is at my house," Matt mentioned in his post.

  • As you probably guessed, Roloff fans weren't happy at the thought of Matt not spending Thanksgiving with his family and blamed Amy.

    "It's been a while since I've had a more wonderful Thanksgiving day and weekend," Amy wrote in her Facebook post. "So loved having all the kids here (Molly and Joel too) and friends and sharing and spending the holiday [with] Chris and grandkids."

  • And, boy, did they make their feelings known.

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    To say Roloff fans were a bit relentless with their comments would be putting it lightly.

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  • Though Matt wasn't alone for Thanksgiving, the damage was already done, as people weren't happy that he didn't celebrate his grandchildren's first Thanksgiving.

    "Made it to Arizona just in time for an Amazing Thanksgiving dinner with Caryn, her family and a few friends ..." the dad of four mentioned in another Facebook post.

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  • Others, in a strange twist of events, took up for Amy and are happy Matt wasn't with his family during the holidays.

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    Tell us how you really feel!

  • It does look kinda suspect that Matt found out about Amy's Thanksgiving plans with the family while he was away ... but that doesn't mean there wasn't more to the story.

    Seeing as Matt and Amy still do business together, it should be safe to assume things were hashed out -- or at the very least, a few hints dropped -- beforehand so no one felt slighted.

    But, hey, there's always Christmas to get everyone together ... assuming that's what they all want to do.

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