Kate Middleton Shares Her Feelings About Meghan Markle Joining the Royal Family

kate middleton
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The excitement over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement continues -- and this time we get a look into exactly what Kate Middleton thinks about the union. (Though we already had a hunch.) While outside the Foundling Museum in London today, Kate was asked about her brother-in-law's proposal to Meghan by a reporter. Standing there in a gorgeous dress, composed as always, and with that pregnant-with-third baby glow, Kate let the world in on her feelings.

  • Kate is thrilled!

    In her typical cool yet with a smile demeanor, Kate said, "William and I are absolutely thrilled. It's such exciting news. It's a really happy time for any couple and we wish them all the best and hope they enjoy this happy moment."  

    She had to be composed -- after all, she is a princess. But we can tell she's kind of bursting with jump-up-and-down style happiness inside. 

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  • Meghan and Kate seem to be a perfect match, too.

    kate middleton
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    The more we look at Kate and get to know things about Meghan, the more we realize just how great these two are going to get along. Meghan is not only a perfect match for Harry, but Kate as well. The dress Kate was wearing, by the way, is by Kate Spade. It's gorgeous. We could see Meghan wearing something just like it.

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  • We're sure they will have a deepening bond.

    kate middleton prince william prince harry
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    Will and Kate are a fantastic couple. Plus, the princes are brothers who have a very deep bond and connection. Harry has noted that Kate gives him advice, so there isn't any doubt that he talked to her about Meghan a lot as he got to know her. The engagement must have come with such blessings from these two. Think about all the good the four of them can do together!

  • So what can we expect now?

    prince harry meghan markle
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    With all the love and beautiful things happening with the royals right now, there is so much to think about. There is Meghan and Harry's wedding planning -- what role with William and Kate play here? Plus, there is Will and Kate's third baby on the way! 

    And of course, there is all the incredible charities the royals and Meghan support. In fact, when Kate was asked about what she thought about Harry's engagement, she was on her way into the museum to learn more about how they help families in need through their outreach programs. Meghan has been very involved in efforts to help women and children as well, so once the two of them put their minds together, we foresee many incredible projects to help others. 

    A happy time for all indeed!

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