Prince Harry Reveals When He & Meghan Markle Will Start Their Family

Zak Hussein/Splash News

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Zak Hussein/Splash News

It's the inevitable question no matter how much it is hated, but when a couple gets engaged, people ask when they are going to have children. Everyone, of course, wants to know when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are having kids now that they are getting married. Refreshingly, Harry had an answer that didn't disappoint ... it included the words "in the near future."

  • What does near future mean?

    meghan markle prince harry
    Zak Hussein/Splash News

    In a delightful interview with the press, Prince Harry exchanged sweet glances with his fiancée and when asked about children said, "Not currently, no ... [laughter] ... I think one step at a time, and hopefully we'll start our family in the near future." 

    This is what we know: Meghan is not pregnant. They want to get married first. Near future means soon after that. They totally want to procreate!

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  • Harry really revealed a lot.

    prince harry
    Zak Hussein/Pool/Splash News

    Not only did Harry say the two want to have kids soon, he shared that he fell in love with Meghan "so quickly" and said that the "stars aligned" for them to meet. He also added that "this beautiful woman tripped and fell into my life." Harry is so in love -- it's all just oozing from every bit of his being that he's sharing such intimate feelings and the sweetest words as if he's someone who writes the poems inside of cards. 

    We can't forget the bit when he said, while looking lovingly at her, "We're a fantastic team."
  • You know what else takes great teamwork?

    prince harry
    Toby Melville/Reuters/Splash News

    This fantastic team comment didn't mean that they were just going to be amazing humanitarians together (though there is no doubt that they will be that, as well). This means they will parent well together. Teamwork! Raising babies! Yes, we said babies because we're guessing they may want more than one.

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  • Perhaps they were also inspired by these royals.

    prince william princess kate george charlotte
    Retropix/Splash News

    Prince Harry is very close with his brother, Prince William, and also with Kate. He's known as the best uncle ever to Prince George and Princess Charlotte. And due to the fact that Kate is expecting baby number three, there has got to be a lot of talk about babies and pregnancy. Witnessing the beauty of this family could have made Meghan and Harry talk about having babies of their own a lot easier. Perhaps it has inspired them. 

    Meghan also grew up as only child and may want to have more than one. 

    No matter the case, it's clear that Meghan and Harry's love is strong and that it seems only natural to multiply. Should we take bets on what "in the near future" means?

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