All the Ways Kate Middleton Was Destined to Be British Royalty

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kate middleton
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Kate Middleton may often be hailed as being a "commoner who married a royal," but if one digs deep enough into her past, there aren't too many common things about her. Or, perhaps it may make more sense to say that there were, but mom Carole Middleton fixed that up in no time. She may have played sports and did Brownies when she was younger, but Kate definitely was groomed to be a princess. And man, did that work out.  

Kate doesn't hail from royal lineage. In fact, her mother was a flight attendant and her father was a commercial pilot. Years after they married, the Middletons started their party company, Party Pieces, which turned them into millionaires. Impressive, but hardly posh. 

Over the years that followed, it seems that that Middleton children were raised a certain way. And by "certain way," we mean privileged. Kate, along with her sister and brother, all went to the poshest schools and were always dressed to the nines. It almost seemed like their parents were readying them for something more -- something more royal, that is. (Legend has it that Carole orchestrated Kate's going to St. Andrews University the same time Prince William was there.)

From her impressive media savvy-ness (in college) to the incredible technique she employed during her break-up with William, here are 14 reasons it's obvious Kate was groomed to be British royalty.