All the Ways Kate Middleton Was Destined to Be British Royalty

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Kate Middleton may often be hailed as being a "commoner who married a royal," but if one digs deep enough into her past, there aren't too many common things about her. Or, perhaps it may make more sense to say that there were, but mom Carole Middleton fixed that up in no time. She may have played sports and did Brownies when she was younger, but Kate definitely was groomed to be a princess. And man, did that work out.  

Kate doesn't hail from royal lineage. In fact, her mother was a flight attendant and her father was a commercial pilot. Years after they married, the Middletons started their party company, Party Pieces, which turned them into millionaires. Impressive, but hardly posh. 

Over the years that followed, it seems that that Middleton children were raised a certain way. And by "certain way," we mean privileged. Kate, along with her sister and brother, all went to the poshest schools and were always dressed to the nines. It almost seemed like their parents were readying them for something more -- something more royal, that is. (Legend has it that Carole orchestrated Kate's going to St. Andrews University the same time Prince William was there.)

From her impressive media savvy-ness (in college) to the incredible technique she employed during her break-up with William, here are 14 reasons it's obvious Kate was groomed to be British royalty. 

  • The Poster

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    She can try to deny it all she wants, but way too many people have vouched for the fact that, growing up, she had a poster of Prince William on her bedroom wall. Did she have a plan all along??

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  • St. Andrews University

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    It's also been said that Kate, at the advice of her mother Carole, attended St. Andrews University in hopes of meeting -- and dating -- Prince William. Hey, it sure worked out!

  • She Was a 'Child Actor'


    OK, so "child actor" is definitely an exaggeration, but when she was 7, Kate starred in a commercial for her parents business, Party Pieces. Clearly, she wasn't ever afraid of the limelight. 

  • She Went to an Uber-Posh Boarding School

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    Kate Middleton didn't go to an ordinary school growing up. Oh no, no, no. She went to Marlborough College, an uber-posh boarding school. Talk about being a fancy pants. 

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  • Everything Was 'Perfect' Growing Up

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    A few years ago, a (very jealous) anonymous mom whose children went to school with Kate had this to say about the Middleton clan: "There was always something slightly galling about having your child at school with the Middletons. Every pristine item of their clothing would have a beautifully sewn-in name tape, for instance. There were huge picnics at sports day; the smartest tennis rackets, that kind of thing. It made other families feel rather hopeless."

    Insert eye roll here, please. 

  • Never a Hair Out of Place

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    Back when William and Kate were dating in college and doing what most college kids do -- partying -- Kate always made sure she looked her best for the cameras. While there are plenty of photos of Prince William stumbling out of a club, looking worse for wear, there's nary a one of Kate on the internet. Now that's impressive. 

  • The Break-Up

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    If Kate Middleton has done one thing right in her life, it's the manner in which she handled her brief break-up from William when they were still in school. Instead of sitting at home and sulking, the duchess put on her hottest party clothes, went out, and made sure she was photographed. And according to numerous stories, this wasn't an accident. Well-played, Kate. 

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  • Her Mom Has Been Compared to Kris Jenner

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    Just as Kris Jenner is often called the mastermind behind the Kardashian's fame, Carole Middleton has been accused of grooming her children to lead certain lives. Royal confidante Nicholas Davies was quoted as saying, "What Carole did to Kate was no different than the way that Kris stage-managed her daughter Kim Kardashian’s life. It was Carole who made sure that Kate’s entry into University of St. Andrews in Scotland would coincide with Prince Willian being there. And it was Carole who made sure that her daughter formed a relationship with the prince." 

  • Her 'Posh' Accent

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    Back in the day, Kate Middleton had a normal British accent -- aka, she spoke like a commoner. These days though, she's accused of having an accent more posh than Prince William's. It's unclear when her vocal transition started, but clearly she's keeping up with the Joneses. Or, you know, being told to do so. 

  • She's Incredibly Well-Traveled

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    While the traveling Kate did with her family when she was younger wasn't to groom her to be a princess, it certainly didn't hurt. Kate lived all over the world with her family, including Amman, Jordan.

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  • Her Gap Year Was Perfectly-Timed

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    Before going to college, Kate Middleton went on a gap year -- as did Prince William. This supposedly was in part to time out her being at school the same time Prince William was there. 

  • She Held Out for Prince William

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    Kate always held a candle for Wills -- even before she met him. In Andrew Morton’s book William & Catherine: Their Story, Kate's childhood friend Jessica Hay said, “We would sit around talking about all the boys at school we fancied, but Catherine would always say: ‘I don’t like any of them. They’re all a bit rough.’ Then she would joke: ‘There’s no one quite like Prince William.’"


  • Her Childhood Was Privileged

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    Despite the fact that Kate's parents are, well, commoners, they made sure that their children wanted for nothing. All of the Middleton children always had the nicest clothes, went to the best schools, and the Middletons often went on fancy holidays. Not such a common upbringing.  

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  • She Got Involved With Charities Early On

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    After college, Kate began working with the children’s charity Starlight. Of course, she could have been doing this out of the kindness of her heart, but it's worth noting that charity work is an important part of a royal resume. 

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