Anna Faris & Her Reported New Boyfriend Look Extremely Cozy on Italian Getaway

Anna Faris
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Chris Pratt who? (Kidding, we still love you, Star-Lord.) Anna Faris and her maybe new boyfriend were spotted looking all sorts of romantic during an Italian jaunt that just might confirm they are in fact an item.

  • Anna and cinematographer Michael Barrett reportedly started seeing each other back in September.

    Anna Faris and Michael Barrett
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    The pair, who are working on the Overboard remake, have been turning heads, as Anna and Chris Pratt separated in August after eight years of marriage -- which has some people wondering if there was possible overlap. 

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  • And judging by pics of these two gallivanting through Venice via boat, it'll be hard for them to deny they're dating.

    Anna Faris and Michael Barrett
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    Sources tell E! News that Anna and Michael were spotted "arm-in-arm" at LAX before their trip.

    "They flew in from another destination in Europe," a source told the outlet. "They were assisted out of the airport and took a water taxi to their hotel. The weather was chilly, and they were bundled up and leaning into each other."

  • Anna Faris and Michael Barrett
    Splash News
  • Just turn away from the computer, Chris.

    We love you -- and hope Anna is happy -- but you don't want to see this.

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