Jill Duggar Follows in Jinger's Footsteps & Wears Pants in Public

Jill Duggar and Israel

It looks like little sister Jinger is rubbing off on Jill (Duggar) Dillard! The day has finally come ... Jill has ditched her ankle-length skirt in favor of pants. Yes, pants! One-leg-a-time, glorious pants.

  • Jill took a trip to Silver Dollar City with the fam recently, and she is most definitely wearing pants.

    Not only that, but is Izzie wearing a Paw Patrol hat? Is he a fan of the show? We didn't even know they had a TV, let alone allowed children's programming! It's all kinds of progressive up in Duggar Land these days.

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    Honestly, Jill has always seemed to be one of the most conservative of Jim Bob and Michelle's kids, so seeing her without her long skirt was the last thing a lot of people expected. One person even commented, "I thought she would be the last daughter to wear pants if ever. And honestly thought more chance one of the sons would start wearing a skirt before she wore pants."

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  • God bless it.

    While most people could hardly call this look risqué, especially with the long coat covering the seat of her pants, Jill took a risk with this daring fashion choice. She had to have known people would have something to say about it!

  • Loving every photo of Jill and her freedom pants.

    That's what we're calling them. Freedom pants. Be free, legs! Next stop -- shorts. A regular bathing suit! Freedom from sleeves! The opportunities are endless. But for now, we'll take the pants.

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  • We'd like to thank Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo for paving the way.