Derick Dillard Asks Fans to Give Him $10,000 After Being Fired From TLC

Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar

We can't even with this guy. In the wake of TLC officially announcing that they're done with Jill Duggar's husband Derick Dillard, he started a GoFundMe account to ask fans to send him money again -- to the tune of $10,000.

  • Jill and Derick landed themselves in hot water time and again when they served as missionaries in Central America.

    The couple lived in El Salvador on and off for two years, where they helped the local church and led Bible studies. In order to fund their efforts there, they solicited fans several times to donate their cause. And every single time, people let them know that they didn't think it was appropriate, and maybe they should get real jobs, or use some of their Counting On money to pay for their mission.

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  • So you'd think they'd know better than to ask for more money. Especially after TLC just fired him.

    At the same time TLC was making it known on Twitter that they are no longer working with Derick Dillard over his bullying a teen trans girl online, the former Counting On star started a GoFundMe account, asking for $10,000.

    Jill and Derick announced shortly after the birth of their second son Samuel this summer that they would be going in a "different direction" in ministry, and would net be returning to Central America. Derick enrolled in a yearlong training program with his home church, called the Cross Church School of Ministry.

  • Fans aren't having it though.

    People on Twitter let Derick have it. One person wrote, "Maybe douchbag dill pickle #derickdillard should work on getting a REAL JOB instead of doing nothing but spreading hate towards a child and living off his cult." Another added, "Wow truly low to be begging for money right when TLC fires you! Serves you right you bully."

  • Word of advice for Derick. Just stop.

    Seriously, dude. Go live your life, and stop asking other people to fund it.