17 Reasons Prince Harry & Kate Middleton Have the Cutest Relationship

17 Reasons Prince Harry & Kate Middleton Have the Cutest Relationship
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kate middleton and prince harry laughing
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People get to choose their partners, but they don't get to choose their brothers- or sisters-in-law. This doesn't work out for everyone, but fortunately for Kate Middleton and Prince Harry, things panned out just fine. The two have always seemed to have a pretty amicable relationship. But over the years, their friendship has grown tremendously. And may we say: It's gotten damn adorable. 

Every time we see Harry and Kate together, they look like they're genuinely having a good time. And more importantly, they look like they're genuinely close. From what's been reported over the years, this definitely seems to be a reality, too. Harry calls Kate "Cath" and pops over at her Kensington apartment with Will for dinner from time to time. And he's even called her "the big sister he never had," and has credited her with helping him deal with the death of his mother. 

Of course, no one will ever top Will and Kate, but we have to be honest, Harry and Kate are pretty dang cute, too. From all the times he's cracked her up at royal events to moments where they appear to just be comfortable around each other, here are 17 of the duchess and prince's cutest moments. How lucky they are to have each other. Not all folks get a brother- or sister-in-law they get on with so well. Lucky royals. 


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