Joy-Anna Duggar's Baby Bump Has Fans Questioning When She Conceived

Joy-Anna Duggar, Austin Forsyth

There's definitely a baby in there! Joy-Anna (Duggar) Forsyth showed off her growing baby bump at a wedding over the weekend, and she is showing a lot for being just five months along. Which of course has everyone talking yet again about the timing of her pregnancy, considering that she and Austin supposedly saved their first kiss for their wedding day.

  • Joy and Austin were in Texas for a friend's wedding over the weekend, and one of the guests posted this group shot.

    Considering that they got married at the end of May, the furthest along Joy could be is five months.

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  • Which is kind of making us do a double-take, because most first-time moms don't show that quickly.

  • Fans have been quick to speculate that perhaps Joy and Austin didn't wait until they were married to do the deed.

    The Duggar kids famously save their first kisses for the wedding altar, but maybe Joy was a serious rebel in this regard.

  • Joy shared this picture when she and Austin announced they were expecting in August.

    If our pregnancy math is right, she would've been about 14 weeks pregnant with a honeymoon baby. Joy later confirmed that the baby was conceived after the wedding by commenting on its size.

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  • People are already wondering how much more that bump can possibly grow.

    She is definitely showing a lot for five months, but our bodies are pretty incredible. We're sure she's going to be just fine.

  • Not everyone thinks it's impossible to show so much in the second trimester.

    It's true -- everyone's body is different. We're glad to see people defending Joy-Anna. She really shouldn't have to deal with this stuff when she's busy growing a human being and learning how to be married all at the same time. Give the girl a break!

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  • In the end, does it really matter?

    No, no it does not. Congrats to them, and we're looking forward to meeting their little one, regardless of when he or she arrives.