All the Times the Duggars Were Accused of Being Bad Parents

Kayla Boyd | Nov 10, 2017 Celebrities

duggar family
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The Duggars are always undergoing some kind of controversy or Internet backlash, and with so many kids and grandkids, of course parenting styles are going to come into play. People are not always so fond of the way the large family chooses to raise their children. None of them can post a photo or video on social media without getting a slew of criticism for something

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From messy houses to pawning off their kids on other family members to child abuse, they have been accused of it all. Especially Jessa -- it seems like people especially like to come down hard on her. Sometimes it's truly the littlest things (like what kind of fork her son is using). 

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However, no matter what decisions they make, we all know that parenting is a challenge and everyone has different ways of doing things. Hopefully as their kids get older and more siblings have kids, they can all learn from each other. 

Here are 12 times that people ripped the Duggars to shreds for their parenting choices. 

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