Prince William & Kate Middleton Take Kids on Secret Family Outing

royal family
Retropix/Splash News

The royal family is so much in the public eye that you'd think we know about every single thing that they do, as much of it seems to be documented by the media. However, Prince William and Kate Middleton were able to sneak in a train ride with their adorable brood without massive press around them. 

  • An eagle-eyed bystander happened to spot them.

    If the press isn't around, there are always people who may catch a glimpse of them. And let's face it, the prince and princess are kind of easy to spot, especially if they are out and about with their royal protection team. One lucky person who happened to be at the Chester Railway Station at the right time snapped this shot of Prince William (in cool sneakers!) next to their Range Rover. They reportedly missed the 2:33 pm train and had to get on the next one. Missing a train with two kids in tow? Been there!

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  • Will has been out and about lately.

    Most recently, Will was at the Metropolitan Police Service Passing Out Parade, which celebrated the graduation of the recruits.

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  • But this outing is especially exciting for Prince George.

    This adorable 4-year-old loves trains -- any kind of transportation for that matter. And so this trip must have been a really exciting one for him.

    It was believed that the family was in the area at Eaton Hall for a bonfire hosted by the Duke and Duchess of Westminster. Which led them to the train station.

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  • We bet Princess Charlotte loved it, too.

    princess charlotte
    Retropix/Splash News

    Of course, Charlotte probably got a kick out of the train ride as well. 

    It seems this little family is able to spend some quality time together, outside of the public spotlight and without Official Royal duties to tend to -- just like any other family out there. We know they like to instill a sense of normalcy for their kids -- as if they were commoners. 

    It's also a sweet way for the four of them to enjoy each other before that third baby arrives.