Jessa Duggar Wins the Mom Award on Spurgeon's 2nd Birthday

Michele Zipp | Nov 7, 2017 Celebrities

Jessa Seewald/Instagram

The Duggar family celebrated a milestone birthday! Jessa and Ben Seewald celebrated Spurgeon Elliot's second birthday with a look back at some incredible moments in their lives. And true to their family spirit, the official Duggar family Facebook page did the same. We love the sweetness in Spurgeon's face -- but there was more sweetness in the surprise she had for the birthday boy.

  • First, Jessa wrote a beautiful tribute to her mother.


    Accompanying this beautiful photo of Michelle Duggar giving birth to Jessa, Jessa wrote: "Nov 4th, 1992 -- A quarter of a century ago, this beautiful woman gave birth to a daughter -- her biggest baby, 9lbs 15oz. And on this same day, 23 years later, that daughter would be in labor with her first child. When my mom finally arrived as I was laboring to give birth to Spurgeon, the first words out of my mouth were 'HOW ON EARTH DID YOU DO THIS 19 TIMES?!'"

    We are in awe, too!

    Jessa also included, "Thank you, Mama, for laying down your life for me, not only on this day 25 years ago, but also every day of raising me thereafter. I know I was probably your most strong-willed and hard-headed child, and it took a lot of patience to deal with me and love me through all my craziness. Thank you for reading the Bible to us, memorizing scriptures with us, and for showing us Christ from a young age. You are my hero, and I thank God that I get to call you my Mama."

    We are feeling all the feels.

  • And she's also so thankful for these gifts.


    Spurgeon ended up being born on November 5, one day after his mama's birthday. And while he was a day later, the gift of his life is certainly the best gift a mother could ever receive. 

    Look at him now! He's big brother to Henry Wilberforce (best names ever). We wonder if grocery shopping is always this fun-looking with the two of them.

  • He's hit the "terrific" twos.


    We're going to smash the notion that the twos are "terrible" and instead call them "terrific." (Three seems harder for many of us, but we won't get into that now.) Just look at the sweetness on this kid's face! This is the kind of look you hold onto when any parenting situation tests your patience. 

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  • And he enjoyed an incredible family tradition.


    Chocolate! This marked Spurgeon's first taste of this decadent chocolate sundae. Hope they ate this way before bedtime because that's a lot of sugar! (Totally worth it!)

  • They really are the cutest family.


    Ben and Jessa just celebrated their third anniversary on November 1st. With Jessa's birthday on the 4th and Spurgeon's on the 5th, it's a busy month for them. We wish them so much happiness -- and we're thrilled to see more of Spurgeon's milestones as he goes through the terrific twos. Happy birthday!

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