The Ultimate Guide to Kate Middleton's Squad: 13 Ladies in the Duchess's Inner Circle

The Ultimate Guide to Kate Middleton's Squad: 13 Ladies in the Duchess's Inner Circle
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We think we know but we have no idea. Despite the fact that we all think we know everything about Kate Middleton (and we kind of do, right?), how much knowledge do we really have about her squad? Her friends? Her besties? Her innermost circle? We've always known she's been close with her family, but Kate's friends have kind of remained a mystery over the years. Don't worry, we've used our best sleuthing skills to track down her BFFs, and now we have major #SquadGoals.

Sure, we know the duchess has friends, of course -- but honestly, who does she call when she just wants vent about Prince George's naughty behavior? Or when she wants to talk about how she's so over wearing nude stockings? Does she have someone like that in her life? Anyone?! Of course she does.

After doing a little digging, we unearthed Kate's closest friends. The people she's been tight with for a long time. And not surprisingly, they're almost as posh as she is. But even though we'd love to think that they're absolute besties who have tea together on a daily basis, unfortunately Meghan Markle isn't part of Kate's crew. Amid rumors of a feud between them, we probably shouldn't get our hopes up as far as them getting all chummy goes. 

Here's everything one needs to know about Kate's friend squad. If there ever were #friendshipgoals, this is definitely it. 

  • Emilia Jardine-Paterson


    Kate and Emilia go way back. The two were friends at Marlborough College, and when Will and Kate briefly split up, Emilia took Kate on a trip to Ibiza (nice friend!). Emilia is Prince George's godmother and, as an interior designer, reportedly helps Kate decorate her home from time to time. 

  • Alicia Fox-Pitt

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    Alicia is also an old friend of Kate's from Marlborough College, and the two share a love of sports together. Alicia recruited Kate for the Sisterhood rowing team, and at the time, Alicia said of Kate, "She's been training with us. She is a very gifted sportswoman and we played a lot of sport together at school."

  • James & Laura Meade

    kate middleton's friends
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    James is one of William's oldest and closest friends, but when he and Kate broke up in 2007, James was photographed with Kate, so clearly the pair are close as well. James and his wife Laura are neighbors to Will and Kate when they're at their Norfolk home and James is godfather to Princess Charlotte.

  • Hugh and Rose van Cutsem


    Hugh and Rose also live near William and Kate and they have young children, as well. Hugh is a childhood friend of William's, and yep, that was their adorable toddler daughter (Grace) holding her ears on the balcony of the royal wedding. 

  • Zara Tindall

    kate middleton's friends
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    Zara, who's the daughter of Princess Anne, is William's first cousin, but she and Kate are super close. Not only did she reportedly help Kate learn the ropes of the royal family, but the girls are also really "good chums" who were thrilled to have had babies so close to each other. 

  • Pippa Middleton

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    Even though she's her sister, there's no way one could name Kate's friends without mentioning Pippa. Being just 20 months apart, the two have always been super close, and even lived together in London at one point. The girls reportedly still vacation together on occasion. Aww. 

  • Natasha Archer

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    Technically, her job title is Kensington Palace PA, but Natasha ("Tash") has become a close friend of Kate's and travels around the world with the duchess. In 2013, she was one of the few people who visited Kate at the Lindo Wing after she gave birth to Prince George.

  • Natasha Rufus Isaacs

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    Natasha is a designer friend of Kate's who knows all about the duchess's style.

  • Rebecca Priestley


    Rebecca was once Kate's private secretary, but now she's her close friend. After William and Kate got engaged, Kate reportedly hand-picked Rebecca to be her right-hand woman.

  • Amanda Cook-Tucker


    Although she technically works as Kate's hairstylist, it's a known fact that the duchess rarely travels anywhere without Amanda. Think she knows a few royal secrets? Oh yeah.

  • Olivia Bleasdale


    Olivia, aka Livvie, was one of Kate and William's roommates at St. Andrews University. During their sophomore year, they lived in a rented flat, and then in their final year, they shared a farmhouse off-campus. The girls are still close today. 

  • Sophie Carter

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    When the Cambridges went skiing in 2016, Kate brought a friend along : Sophie Carter (not pictured). Sophie has been friends with Kate for a while and she's even godmother to Princess Charlotte. 

  • Princess Mary of Denmark


    There may be a 10-year age difference between the two, but the similarities between Princess Mary of Denmark and Kate have been called "uncanny" over the years. In the past year or so, the women have developed a close friendship and are said to "support each other" through all of life's transitions. 


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