The Ultimate Guide to Kate Middleton's Squad: 13 Ladies in the Duchess's Inner Circle

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We think we know but we have no idea. Despite the fact that we all think we know everything about Kate Middleton (and we kind of do, right?), how much knowledge do we really have about her squad? Her friends? Her besties? Her innermost circle? We've always known she's been close with her family, but Kate's friends have kind of remained a mystery over the years. Don't worry, we've used our best sleuthing skills to track down her BFFs, and now we have major #SquadGoals.


Sure, we know the duchess has friends, of course -- but honestly, who does she call when she just wants vent about Prince George's naughty behavior? Or when she wants to talk about how she's so over wearing nude stockings? Does she have someone like that in her life? Anyone?!

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Of course she does.

After doing a little digging, we unearthed Kate's closest friends. The people she's been tight with for a long time. And not surprisingly, they're almost as posh as she is. 

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Here's everything one needs to know about Kate's friend squad. If there ever were #friendshipgoals, this is definitely it. 

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