Prince William Needed a Pep Talk Before Saying 'I Do' to Kate Middleton

kate middleton prince william wedding day
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Back before there were two kids and another on the way, Prince William and Kate Middleton were just embarking on their forever love -- and now, new details have been revealed about that beautiful day they said "I do." It was April 29, 2011, when these royals got married. And as it turns out, William had a serious case of the jitters. Just how he calmed his nerves says a lot.

  • He looked to his brother, of course.

    Prince Harry to the rescue! These two are super close, so it makes sense that Will would look to his brother for support and to help him calm down. We wouldn't be surprised if Harry suggested some meditation type breathing.

    According to Duncan Larcombe, who worked at the Sun back then, Will's nerves got the best of him before the ceremony began. Larcombe said in Country Living, "Before Kate arrived, William went to compose himself with Harry in a room just off Poet's Corner (an area in Westminster Abbey). We were sat near there so they both walked straight past us and William looked absolutely terrified. They came out afterwards and gave a deep breath."  

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  • We can't blame him.

    crowd at royal wedding
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    Who wouldn't need some deep breaths when the crowd for your wedding looked like this?! Plus, Elton John and Posh Spice were guests. That's a lot going on aside from the fact that Will was about to embark on the most beautiful love journey with Kate Middleton!

    We're guessing Harry led him through those breaths. Maybe they even said a few "oms."

  • They are all super close.

    kate will harry
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    We know that the two princes are not only brothers, but like best friends. And Harry helping Will through his jitters is exactly what a good pal would do. What we also love, however, is how close Harry is to his sister-in-law. These three seem like they get along so well no matter where they are or what they are doing.

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  • And they'll return the favor when it's Harry's turn.

    meghan markle prince harry
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    They will surely be the people who are at Harry's side when (or if, no pressure) Harry marries Meghan Markle. Chances are Harry will get some jitters, too, and when he does, his brother will be right there beside him. We're thinking Kate will lead the "oms" this time.

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