Chilling Threat Against Prince George Made by ISIS

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Talk about terrifying. It was recently revealed that Islamic State militants have posted a threat against Prince George online. A photo of the prince, who's just 4 years old, was discovered on an encrypted instant-messaging app, along with a chilling message.  


According to the Daily Star, the message on the app read, "Even the royal family will not be left alone." Then, next to a photo of Prince George standing in front of his expensive private school, another message reads, "School starts early." The address of Thomas's Battersea, George's school, was included, as well.

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Experts also discovered part of the lyrics of a Jihad song in the communication that said, "When war comes with the melody of bullets, we descend on disbelief, desiring retaliation."

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Cybersecurity expert Barry Spielman called the threat "chilling," telling the Daily Star, "Our intelligence suggests that these threats are to be taken seriously." 

Residents who live near George's school are concerned that their proximity to the royal is making them a target for a terrorist attack. About a month before George started school, a local woman filmed herself walking into the school with no problems whatsoever. The 54-year-old doctor called the lack of security astonishing and said in the video, "I could have walked in with an IED and set it to go off."

This isn't the first time a royal has been on the receiving end of a terrorist threat. In 2015, ISIS threatened the queen just before the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, and last month Prince Harry was challenged to a fight in a video. That said, it certainly doesn't make the threat against Prince George any less terrifying. 

British authorities are reportedly monitoring the messaging app around the clock in an effort to stop any potential attacks. Hopefully, this is giving Prince William and Kate Middleton some peace of mind. Though, let's be honest here, it can't be much. 

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