Dear Jenna Dewan-Tatum, I'mma Need You to Put Your Clothes On & Stop Showing Off

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Jenna Dewan-Tatum
Desiree Navarro/Getty Images

Ever had a celeb friend in your head you can imagine braiding each other's hair while you watch a Dawson's Creek marathon? Most people -- whether they admit it or not -- do, and for me, said friend in my head includes Jenna Dewan-Tatum. Aside from making birds drop out the sky mid-flight with her smile, Mrs. Channing Tatum seems like a cool-ass lady, which is why I have no problems telling her to put some clothes on ... because her antics* are just too damn much.

*I'm being 100% sarcastic, by the way. 

  • As if we need another reminder delectable carbs and a certain level of snatchedness don't mix, here comes Jenna with *another* sexy pic for the 'Gram.

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  • "Only [JLo] can make a girl drop everything, put her favorite bodysuit on and take a spontaneous random picture in her closet ..." Jenna writes.

    "... I love these boots woman thank you! Jlo x Giuseppe (Also- yes my closet is a mess. It generally is)," the celeb mom continues in her Instagram post.

    You're really gonna sit here -- with a toned hamstring for all to see on display in "come get me" boots, no less -- and have the audacity to apologize about your closet being messy, Jenna?? As if anyone is focused on that. (Stop it.)

  • This isn't the first time Jenna showed off a lacy bodysuit or her dancer cheeks without care or concern ... and it needs to stop.*

    I tried to mimic the look with my Gilligan & O'Malley finest and backyard furniture and failed miserably. 

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    *I'm being 100% sarcastic, by the way. 

  • Because no one needs a reminder of the hundreds of squats they need to do in the gym to get peaches like this.

  • Plus, everyone knows moms aren't sexy -- and should never share such photos* -- Jenna, so quit trying to rock the boat by proving otherwise.

    Turtleneck sweaters. Non-see-through leggings. PTA meetings.

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    Come on, Jenna, you know the drill!

    *I'm being 100% sarcastic, by the way. 

  • All of this sexiness and showing off now has my husband questioning the real reason I'm trying to get in formation and follow suit.

    ... 'cause he thinks I'm lying when I say Jenna told me to "Step Up."

  • But who am I kidding? I'm SO here for it!

    Werk and repeat, Mama!

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