Roloff Fans Can't Help but Criticize Amy's Boyfriend in Her Latest Photo

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek
Amy Roloff/Facebook

At some point, this reality matriarch is going to start flipping folks off for coming for her. She NEVER gets a break! Little People, Big World "fans" can't help but attack Amy Roloff's boyfriend after she shared what was meant to be a touching photo with her love of over a year.

  • Amy took to social media to share pics at Roloff Farms -- including this touching one of her with Chris Marek.

    "I love seeing Chris and he came out for a day each pumpkin weekend," Roloff wrote in her Facebook post.

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  • Roloff fans instantly started commenting on how happy Amy and Chris look together as a couple.

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    You tell 'em, Pamela!

  • Others -- who likely have an allergic reaction to happiness and #blessed feels -- just had to chime in about Amy and her boyfriend ...

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    (What did Amy do, other than get a divorce from her now-ex-husband Matt?)

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  • ... and how Chris is using the reality star.

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    Ma'am, call someone and tell them you love them. Geez.

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  • Oh yeah ... and some folks just had to point out how Chris's untied shoes aren't a "good look."

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  • Fix it all the way, Jesus ...

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  • It's such a shame people find time in the day to come for Amy. But thankfully, there are those ready to respond to her critics.

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    Say it one more time for the back row!!

  • Seriously, BACK OFF and let this woman live her best life.

    Uh-oh ... Chris has shades on ... must mean we can't trust him.

    (Eye roll)

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