15 Times Kate Middleton & Prince William Were Obviously Over Each Other

15 Times Kate Middleton & Prince William Were Obviously Over Each Other
Image: Zak Hussein/Splash News

kate middleton and prince william looking serious
Zak Hussein/Splash News

There's no question that Kate Middleton and Prince William are in love. In the years they've shared together, we've seen countless sweet and loving photos where the two are totally doting on each other. We've even watched them grow their family -- a sure sign of true love But that doesn't mean they'd don't have their "bad" days. Like all couples, sometimes they're just not feeling each other. Unfortunately for them, they're under so much scrutiny that, on occasion, we can't help but notice if they're having an "off" day. We may not be professional body language experts, but we know when the royal couple is just plain over each other. 

The Duke and Duchess are never overly touchy-feely with each other in public. (And, as we now know, there's a reason for that.) But for the most part, the pair usually look like they're into one another and are generally enjoying their coupledom in public. But sometimes, they just look over each other, and, well, life. We get it, guys. Happens to the best of us. 

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From staring daggers at one another to quietly seething, here are 15 times Kate and William didn't seem like they were into each other. Does this mean anything dire about the couple's romantic state? Of course not. It just means that, well, they're human!

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