Kim Kardashian Criticizing Khloe's Wardrobe Says a Lot About Her Own Body Insecurities

Kim Kardashian in Khloe's closet
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In a sneak peek clip for this Sunday's Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian and her best friend Jonathan Cheban decide to style Khloe Kardashian (without her permission) for an upcoming trip to Santa Barbara. Not only does Kim harshly criticize her sister's wardrobe, but she also makes some negative comments about herself as well. 

  • In the clip, Kim and Jonathan are in Khloe's closet trying to pack her bag for the trip without her knowing.

    As they walk in Jonathan says Khloe's closet looks like My Super Sweet 16

    Picking up a pair of her heels, he says:

    "Oh my god, what the hell are these? Holy crap. This is like five animals in one, a zebra, a snake, a pelican."

    Then, Kim reponds: 

    "Cheesy as f**k."

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  • Kim says that Khloe needs to have more simple style because "her body really is the accessory." Then, she makes a comment about her own curvy figure.

    khloe and kim kardashian
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    "I'm just saying like for me, I'm so curvy that if I try to put other things on it, I look like a joke," Kim said.

  • Kim's comment doesn't surprise us as she's been struggling with body dysmorphia this season. Still, she shouldn't be so hard on herself.

  • And she probably shouldn't be so hard on Khloe either. We're guessing Koko won't be too excited about Kim and Jonathan's "help."

    We'll just have to tune in to E! on Sunday at 9 p.m. to see how Khloe reacts to the whole situation. 

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