Prince William & Kate Middleton Are Hiring! Bonus: You Get to Work With Harry Too

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Zak Hussein/Splash News

Imagine working in a castle, tending to Royal duties, being a part of the day to day of Kate Middleton, aware of the activities of Prince William, and getting briefed on Prince Harry's latest charitable events? It's a fairytale for some, but for one, it can be reality. The Royals are hiring! Kensington Palace is searching for a senior communications officer who will be in charge of the goings on for Will, Kate, and Harry. But you've got to hurry if you want to apply.

  • Kate has her own detail.

    kate middleton
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    This new job posting comes after Kate just hired Catherine Quinn as her private secretary. So while this communications role does work with Kate, if you get the gig, you'll also be working with Catherine whose role is working specifically with the Princess.  

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  • This job has perks.

    prince harry
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    You'll be working directly with this guy, too. And Kate and Will, too, of course. But, there is so much more to it than those perks. The job is 37.5 hours a week with a "maternity cover contract." We have no doubt that the person who does get hired will be treated ... well, like royalty. As communications officer, you will handle a lot of the Royal social media, which includes all the news to the press as well. 

  • LOTS of perks. Did we mention perks?

    We have to delve deeper into the perks of this job because whoever gets it will either be right there next to the Royals as they attend incredible events or at least help to plan or work to share the details of the goings on. Like this instance when Prince Harry was on the British Pullman -- sister train to the Orient Express -- hanging out with adorable kids and doing crafts with them. Melt.

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  • We can't forget about these two.

    prince george princess charlotte
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    And naturally, this means the person who holds this job will also be working with the little Royals -- Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Plus, the new bundle on the way -- meaning you'll know more about the pregnancy than most commoners. Maybe whoever gets hired will be privy to what knickers are George's favorite and if Charlotte prefers chocolate or vanilla ice cream. 

    In the listing for the job, the palace did include the duties of press briefings and handling special projects. This also means that working closely with the Royals gets you access to "sensitive" information ... which may or may not include favorite knickers and ice cream preferences. The job is going to amazing for the right candidate, but if interested, get your resume in to Royal Vacancies fast -- deadline is October 26 to apply.