Prince William Dishes on the High Expectations He & Kate Have for Their Kids

Zak Hussein/Splash News

Zak Hussein/Splash News

While at the Coach Core graduation, a program the Royals founded, Kate Middleton and Prince William were chatting with others and the topic of course turned to their kids. The Royal said they wanted their children to get into sports -- both the Duke and Duchess are so it seems only natural. But the Will and Kate, who are expecting baby number three, did mention three sports in particular ... and this may set them up for some high expectations.

  • Tennis, of course.

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    Kate is a huge tennis fan and has been way before Will was in the picture. Will seems to share the love of the game and their kids may, too. Both Prince George and Princess Charlotte play tennis (at their own little levels, of course).

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  • And there's also swimming.

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    No stranger to swim meets, Kate may also get her kids in the pool. While at the Coach Core graduation, Will talked to recent swim coach grad, Alex Ferrier. Ferrier said that the Prince offered him a job teaching the youngest Royals how to swim. (Take the gig, Alex!) 

    It's really a perfect time for George, 4, and Charlotte, 2, to learn. There is rumored to be a swimming pool in Buckingham Palace, so all they need is a teacher.

  • Football, too. Natch.

    prince william football
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    Prince William is a massive Aston Villa fan, and he would love his kids to follow in his football fan footsteps. Thought he did note on his love of football and Aston Villa in particular, "The responsible thing would be to say, to let him make his own mind up, but I think I might be quite biased." He added, "... of course he can support whoever he wants, but if he supports Villa, it'd be fantastic. I'd love to go to the odd match with him in the future. It'll probably end up being that Charlotte is the Villa fan, and George will go and support someone else!"

  • Did he forget about Polo?

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    Prince William plays polo, and George has even been to some of his games ... possibly even Charlotte, too. We're guessing this is a sport that Will and Kate will hope their kids are into as well, but due to the fact it's on horses, that's in the distant future. 

    We're rooting for some football players. Little kids look so cute on the field. And while we know these kids will have access to the best trainers around, maybe they won't be into sports at all. We'll guess that no matter where their interests are, Kate and Will will be supportive.

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