Jeremy Vuolo's Latest Comments on the LGBT Community Are Pretty Extreme

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo

Jeremy Vuolo has often been lauded as the liberal son-in-law of the Duggar family -- the man who rescued Jinger and whisked her off to Laredo, Texas, where she is free to wear to wear pants and maybe even take birth control.


But he's still a rather conservative Christian, and a pastor, for Pete's sake, so we were a little surprised when fans seemed confused that he would preach against homosexuality.

A video was posted recently on the Grace Community Church Laredo YouTube page of Jer giving a sermon, in which he said the LGBT community is guilty of practicing "false" love.

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The 30-year-old pastor preached, "All you have to do is look at the sexual revolution pressuring them, and they cave in to a worldview that rejects God's truth and embraces popular opinion. Do you want to see the gun? Do you want to see the threatening of being burned alive? ... Look at the revolution of popular thought. Look at the postmodernism of today's culture. Look at the sexual revolution. Look at the false idea of tolerance. Look at the false definition of love."

Yup, Jer believes homosexuality is false love, and apparently doesn't like the idea of tolerating it. It sounds extreme, but honestly, it's pretty standard stuff for a lot of Christians, and Jeremy is pastor who married into a fundamentalist family. Is anyone really surprised?

It's not the first time Jeremy has preached against accepting homosexuality. Over the summer, a well-known preacher named Eugene Peterson made waves in the Christian community when he said that would marry to gay Christians in a same-sex ceremony. He later recanted his statement.

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Jeremy commented on the fiasco by saying, "We're living in a day when basic teachings of Christ in regards to marriage and sexuality are being undermined and eroded, not just out there amongst the radical liberal thinkers, but amongst our so-called Christian leaders ... Just this week, we saw this demonstrated with the endorsement of gay marriage from Eugene Peterson and his subsequent attempt to recant, which really was no retraction at all."

While it's nice to think of Jinger and Jeremy as the liberals in the family because they arn't quite as extreme as Jim Bob and Michelle, fans should remember that they're still on the far side of center-right. And that means they're probably never going to be down with same-sex marriage. 

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