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16 Times Kate Middleton Looked Bored Out of Her Mind

kate middleton looking bored
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Without a doubt, a day in the life of Kate Middleton is more exciting than, say, the life of any of the rest of us. But! On occasion, some of those stuffy royal events the duchess is attending look, well, super boring. And once in a while Kate just can't hide her ennui. It's true! But honestly, can we blame her? Not at all. She may be a royal, but she's still human, after all ...

We understand, Kate. We know it must get boring sometimes. It's OK.

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Part of being a public figure is going to functions and seeming, we guess, interested in things. But sometimes, it's just not possible. (Remember "A History of Obama Feigning Interest in Mundane"?) We get it, Kate (and Obama). Like we said, they're only human.

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From looking like she was counting down the minutes until an event was over to borderline falling asleep, here are all the times Kate Middleton looked bored beyond words. It isn't all champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Sometimes being a princess can be pretty damn mundane. 

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1Kate? Is She There?

William's talking to someone, Harry's clearly interested in something. What's Kate doing? More likely than not, thinking to herself what she wants to have for dinner. 

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2It's a Bored Off!

Not sure who's more bored here, but Prince William definitely is giving Kate a run for her money. 

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3Trooping the Color ... Yawn!

Apparently when folks are royal, they can get glassy-eyed while sitting in a horse-drawn carriage in front of throngs of cheering fans. It's all relative. 

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5Is It Over Yet?

Kate may or may not know where she is in this photo ... just that she doesn't want to be there. 

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6Sail Away

If anyone out there didn't think it was possible, here's proof that a person actually can be bored while sailing a boat. 

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8Will This Ever End?

It's been rumored that Kate actually has tiny massagers inside some of her fascinators, helping to perk her up when she needs it. 

Maybe Harry could use one, too?

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9Another Day, Another Event Seated in Between Harry & Wills

And just when a gal thinks she doesn't need her massaging fascinator for one day ... 

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"Kate, wake up!!!!"

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12So ... Tired ...

Every year at Trooping the Color, Kate asks to be seated next to Camilla, because she's the only one who looks more bored than her. 

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14Ooh, Popcorn, Nevermind!

Seriously, why didn't he bust this out earlier? Come on, Will.

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15Night Night

Little known fact: Kate has actually trained herself to fall asleep with her eyes open. 

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