Kate Middleton & Her Baby Bump Make a Surprise Appearance at Event

Zak Hussein/Splash News

kate middleton prince william
Zak Hussein/Splash News

Kate Middleton must be feeling a lot better, because she's been making public appearances and not dealing with the worst symptoms of hyperemesis gravidarum. This is Kate's second outing this week, and we're so happy to see her, her baby bump, and who she's hanging out with. Kate attended a Coach Core graduation celebration with Prince William, and Prince Harry, too.

  • The royal trio celebrated together.

    prince harry kate middleton prince william
    Ian Jones/Allpix/Splash News

    Coach Core was founded by Will, Kate, and Harry. It's a coach mentoring program for young people, giving them the skills they need to know in order to coach sports. According to People, the trio was there to celebrate the achievements of 150 apprentices who graduated.

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  • They took a lot of photos with the graduates.

    What's cool about this photo is that we could see Will, Kate, or Harry being one of the young folks who took part in this program. They fit right in; they are all so down-to-earth and they not only posed for photos, but chatted with everyone. 

    While there, Will and Kate were even gifted West Ham jerseys for their kids -- that's the rival team of Aston Villa, which is Will's favorite. See? Everyone has a sense of humor, too.  

  • And they took time to talk to as many people as they could.

    This "terrific trio" always takes the time to talk to as many people as they can when they are at events. Prince William started talking to a swim coach named Alex Ferrier, who just completed his learnings at Coach Core. "He offered me a job teaching his kids to swim," Ferrier, 22, shared with People. "I said I might take him up on that!"

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  • Kate, of course, is always fabulous.

    kate middleton prince william
    Zak Hussain/Splash News

    We now know that Kate is due in April, and her early pregnancy wardrobe continues to bring us delight. Black skinny jeans are always perfect, and even more so with wedge booties. We also love her blue blazer by Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

    It's interesting to note that Harry and William, clearly inspired by the princess, also wore blue blazers.

    They are a well-dressed and well-intentioned trio. There's no doubt this baby will be, too.