Jessica Simpson's Schoolgirl Pic Called the 'Creepiest Thing on the Internet'

Jessica Simpson

When it comes to celebrities, someone's bound to cause controversy at some point or another. And today, it looks like a former pop star is front and center. Jessica Simpson's latest Instagram post is catching some heat that kinda makes you feel bad for the mommypreneur.

  • Jess channeled her "inner school girl" in a pic for her fall collection.

    "Channeling my inner school girl #fall17," the mom of two writes in her Instagram post.

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    Jess and her hubby Eric Johnson are parents to daughter Maxwell Drew, 5, and son Ace Knute, 4.

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  • As expected, peeps around the interwebs disliked Jessica's choice of hairstyle.

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    "Inner school girl." Britney Spears. Helllloo, get it?

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  • Others believe it's the "creepiest thing on the Internet..."

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  • ... and evokes the mom's "inner hooker."

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  • But wait, there's more! Animal lovers also had a few words for Jess's use of skins and felt the need to criticize her for it.

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  • All of this ... for *one* photo?

    For all we know, Jessica used faux skins for her shoot and didn't harm exotic wildlife to get it done. Is it not possible to give her the benefit of the doubt?

    As for the pigtails, please let this woman live.

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