Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Give Marriage Advice & Fans Aren't Here for It

Duggar Family Official/Facebook

The Duggars haven't always been everyone's cup of tea, but ever since Josh Duggar was found out to have an Ashley Madison account and was accused of molestation, the family has fallen from grace big time -- and that includes patriarch and matriarch, Jim Bob and Michelle. 

Recently on Facebook, Jim Bob and Michelle tried to offer some innocent marriage advice next to a photo of themselves lovingly embracing, and many fans weren't here for it. 

  • The photo and caption seemed innocent enough at first glance, but it quickly took a controversial turn.

    "Treasure your spouse! Godly husbands and wives are blessings from the Lord! Remember to tell them that you love them, that you are thankful for them, and that you will always have their back. It's the little things that speak volumes!!" the couple wrote next to the shot. 

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  • Fans started calling the Duggars "hypocrites" for sending a message that clearly all of their children don't heed.

    "I'm curious," one follower asked. "Was Josh treasuring Anna when he was on Ashley Madison? The only thing worth treasuring here is your hypocrisy."

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  • One "fan" even ripped into Derick and Jill's marriage!

    "Josh humiliated his wife in a vile, disrespectful way," one fan said, adding, "Derick is on course to do the same to his family. It might be different if these women were given the autonomy to decide who they love and want to spend the rest of their lives with. Pretty sure Jill could have made a better decision for herself than the embarrassment known as Derick. It would be poetic justice if his childish behavior is what kills the Duggars' livelihood and he was JimBob's choice."

  • If there's one constant in this world, it's definitely people trolling the Duggars' social media pages.

  • It's doubtful anyone from the Duggar family will respond to the negative comments, because let's be honest, they're already so used to them.

    That said, though, maybe they should think before they post -- because 99 percent of what they say is going to receive some sort of backlash.