Kate Middleton's Due Date Is Mocked on Live TV by BBC Reporter

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kate middleton
INFphoto.com/Splash News

The British are known for their dry senses of humor, but typically their sarcasm is left out of news reports. Not exactly the case with BBC reporter Simon McCoy when he gave viewers an update on Kate Middleton's due date. McCoy served the report with a serious side of sass, and not surprisingly, some people weren't amused. 

  • McCoy interrupted whatever story he was reporting for a "this just in" moment when news of Kate's due date broke from Kensington Palace.

    "Just got this coming in from Kensington Palace," he said. "Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to confirm they are expecting a baby in April." Then he continued: "Now, bearing in mind they announced that she was pregnant back in September and it was thought she was two or three months pregnant, I'm not sure how much news this really is. But anyway it's April, so clear your diaries, get the time booked off because that's what I'm doing."

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  • Damn, yo. Clearly, McCoy isn't a royalphile like the rest of us.

  • But the crazy thing is that McCoy continued his sarcasm on Twitter, adding a "#news" hashtag after reporting the due date again!

    Dude legit doesn't care.

  • Some people thought McCoy was a legend for injecting his personal mini-monologue into the report.

  • Others, though, weren't feeling McCoy's cheekiness.

    The same user also said, "He should be fired for showing total disdain. The Royal family help pay his salary. I sorta can't wait for tomorrow and the jerk is fired."

  • As with everything in life, the Internet is divided and shouting their opinions on social media.

    It's doubtful the duke and duchess have any knowledge of McCoy's comments or are upset by them. But if their feelings are hurt, we're sure they'll give him -- and the Twitter users who are backing him -- a call. 

    Or something like that.