Kate Middleton's Extreme Morning Sickness Is Causing Problems for the Royals

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Kate Middleton Pregnant
Zak Hussein/Splash News

She's not the only one suffering! Kate Middleton's whole family has been forced to rearrange their royal tour plans, thanks to her debilitating, pregnancy-related illness.

  • Kate suffers from hyperemesis gravidarum, which is an extreme form of morning sickness.

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    Pregnant women who suffer from this can throw up dozens of times a day, and may need to be hospitalized. Kate was forced to reveal all three of her pregnancies in the first trimester, after being spotted at the hospital. She was so sick in the first trimester that she even had to miss Prince George's first day of school.

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  • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have now canceled a royal tour of Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

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    Kensington Palace has reportedly decided that Kate is not well enough to go on the four- to five-day trip, so the majority of it has been canceled.

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    Instead, William will make a two-day trip to Finland on November 29 and 30. This jaunt could not be postponed, as the nation is celebrating its centenary year, having become an independent state on December 6, 1917.

  • We're only just a little bit bummed, as we love when the royal family goes on tour and gives us plenty of photo ops.

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    Earlier this year they made stops in Germany and Poland, and Prince George and Princess Charlotte were just the cutest little things! We can't wait to see them with three in tow.

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    Kate has made a couple of brief appearances in the past week, but it's understood that even if she's feeling much better by next month, she's still going to sit this one out. We don't blame her -- there's a big difference between making an appearance and going on a days-long tour.

  • She needs to stay healthy and safe while that baby grows.

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    There will be plenty of opportunity in the future for this family to travel in style. We're sure it only gets easier with each kid, right?

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