Prince George's Favorite Movie Makes Us Love Him Even More

Pool/Reuters/Splash News

prince george
Pool/Reuters/Splash News

Just like his parents, the duke and duchess, Prince George has proven himself to be incredibly relatable time and again. From everything we hear about the little prince -- his love of dinosaurs and cars, his ennui when it comes to school -- he comes off like most toddler boys his age. And now that Prince William has confirmed George's favorite movie, we feel this way even more. 

  • In a recent interview with a little boy, Prince William confessed that George does watch a bit of telly from time to time and he has favorites.

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  • "The Lion King" evidently is among George's top flick picks, and really, no need to explain why.

    It's a Disney classic! What kid doesn't like that movie?

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  • William also revealed that Prince George has seen a few Lego movies, and on occasion, he likes to watch "Octonauts."

  • And as most parents can relate to, the duke also confessed that trying to keep George away from the TV can be tricky.

    "Trying to keep George off the television is hard work," William said during the interview. As we all know, William and Kate -- like most parents -- prefer their children to be using their imaginations or playing outside. But sometimes ... the TV just wins. 

  • We get it, Will. We get it. And we're not judging.