Josh Duggar's Victimized Sisters Face a Major Blow in Latest Court Case

older duggar girls

We feel bad for Josh Duggar's sisters, who not only were molested by him as small children, but continue to be victimized by it to this day. A judge recently threw out their case in court against the publisher who outed them as sexual assault victims in 2015.

  • Last spring, Josh's sisters filed a suit against Springdale and Washington County, Ark. county and police officials, as well as In Touch publishers.

    older duggar sisters

    In 2015, the magazine published police reports from 2006 that revealed that Josh had sexually molested four of his younger sisters as well as an underage family friend.

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    The victimized Duggars went after Bauer Media Group, the publisher of In Touch, for violating victim protection laws by publishing police reports without redacting the Duggar name. Although the young ladies were not named specifically, the report did say that Josh Duggar had molested five underage females -- including four of his own sisters. Not hard to put two and two together after that.

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  • Josh tried to join their lawsuit, but was rebuffed.

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    Instead, he filed his own suit, claimed to be a victim after being outed. Here's where we have the problem -- Josh was not a victim. He molested five young girls, who were completely defenseless against him.

  • Josh's sisters, however, didn't deserve to have their privacy violated like this.

    duggar girls

    In an interview with Megyn Kelly shortly after the scandal broke, Jill and Jessa said that they felt they'd been victimized twice -- the first time by their brother, and now again by the media. They had given their statements on the promise that the file would be sealed.

    It's disconcerting now that their case against In Touch was thrown out. U.S. District Judge Tim Brooks said that the magazine was protected by the First Amendment to publish the police reports it had obtained.

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    In his ruling, he explained, "Even if one assumes that the disclosure failed to comply with Arkansas statutory redaction requirements, it is clear that the Bauer defendants cannot be held liable, for the city's and county's failure to follow the law."

    Most of the other defendants named by the sisters in their suit, including several officials, were also dismissed. At least a few claims were allowed to remain, including those against Springdale police chief Kathy O'Kelley. They'll be decided at a different time.

  • Meanwhile, the person we really feel for is Josh's wife Anna.

    In Duggar culture, no one is allowed to get divorced, even if your husband molests his sisters, has his parents help him cover it up, and then later gets caught using an infidelity website to cheat on you. Just months after the In Touch story broke, Josh was caught cheating on Anna by discovery of his multiple accounts on the site Ashley Madison.

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    Anna not only stayed with Josh, she went on to have another child with him last month. While we want to believe that she has truly made the decision to stay on her own free will, we're having a hard time believing she wasn't put under tremendous pressure by her family and church to stay.

    At least she has her sisters-in-law ... it seems like none of them are ever going to get any sort of justice for the multiple wrongs done to them. Tragic.