Derick Dillard's Bizarre Souvenir From the White House Has Fans Outraged

Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar

We are so confused. On Jill (Duggar) and Derick Dillard's recent trip to the nation's capital, they've definitely been putting some people off. Mostly fans have been concerned with how they've been funding their trip, but now they have another reason to be upset -- Derick posted a picture of the most bizarre souvenir from the White House ever.

  • Jill and Derick have been in Washington, DC, lately for their most recent ministry project.

    The Dillards joined the Cross Church School of Ministry shortly after saying goodbye for good to Central America. They had served as missionaries on-and-off for two years in El Salvador, but finally decided to return permanently to the states with the birth of their second child.

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  • Fasns were already annoyed by their trip to the capital, but when Derick posted his Trump socks, things got really heated.

    Derick posted this pic of his new "Yelling Trump" socks and captioned it, "Some pretty incredible merchandise at the White House gift shop everybody should check out!" It's unclear why the official White House gift shop reportedly sells such an unflattering image of the commander in chief.

    It's not the first time Derick has publicly supported President Trump, and fans weren't about to let it go this time either. One person commented, "Please don't tell me you support this guy," and another added, "I would only wipe my butt with those socks."

    Several people said they were unfollowing Derick, they were so upset by this post.

  • Derick isn't making any friends with this trip to DC.

    People not only don't like his politics, they also believe he's a moocher, and taking a vacation with other people's money. Derick and Jill have been criticized many times in the past by asking fans for donations to fund their missionary work. Fans want to know why they can't use their Counting On paychecks to self-fund their multiple international trips.

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    With how so much of the public feels about Derick and Jill, you'd think they'd think twice before posting a picture of these socks. But if Derick really thought about these things, we have a feeling he wouldn't do half the bonehead thing he does, like bullying a teen trans girl on social media.

    Derick landed himself in hot water over the summer by tweeting to 16-year-old Jazz Jennings that trangenderism is a myth. Jazz has her own show on TLC documenting her own trans journey called I Am Jazz.

  • Think before you post, Derick. Just think.