15 Times We Wished Kate Middleton Was Our BFF

15 Times We Wished Kate Middleton Was Our BFF
Image: Jeff Moore/Splash News

kate middleton
Jeff Moore/Splash News

Let's be frank here: Kate Middleton leads an incredibly charmed life, but, well ... she doesn't always seem like she'd be the most fun person to go out with for a drink. Sure, she seems smart and interesting and like she gets it, but how cray does she get? Living in the spotlight of the royal family can't be easy, and obviously she has an image to maintain. But come on, Katie, doesn't a princess let loose once in a while?

After a little digging, it turns out: Yes. Yes, the duchess does let her gorgeously shiny hair down from time to time. And when she does it's amazing. Also, it makes us want to be her BFF all the more. (Be our bestie, Kate? Please? We swear, we are really, really cool.)

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From having a laugh and a drink to cracking up during the most random moments, we found all the times the duchess looked like, well, not a duchess. Guess there's a "normal" person under all that poshness there after all. And that normal person is begging for the other half of our best friend charm. For real, though.

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Here are 15 times we wished Kate was our best friend.

  • That Time She Waltzed With Paddington

    kate middleton paddington bear
    Zak Hussein/Splash News

    You know you're a fun person when you slow dance with Paddington Bear in the middle of a crowd. Lucky bear!

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  • That Time She Clutched Her Glass of Champs With a Death Grip

    kate middleton off the shoulder dress
    Retropix/Splash News

    We get it, Kate. We don't want anyone coming between us and our champagne either. 

  • That Time She Appeared on Snapchat

    kate middleton snapchat
    Splash News/Snapchat

    It's hard to imagine Kate Middleton with an iPhone, never mind on social media. But buried somewhere she must have a super private Instagram or Snapchat account. We could totally send DMs to each other. Do you like GIFs, Kate?

  • That Time She Was an 1980s Rollergirl

    kate middleton rollerblades
    Splash News

    Sure, this was way before she married Prince William, but it's proof that she knows how to cut loose sometimes. Wonder if she can skate backwards? We can teach you, Kate. Like, it's just something best friends do. 

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  • That Time She Was Taking Aerial Photos in a Bikini on a Yacht


    OK, we're going to be completely transparent here: We really, really just want to go on this yacht. 

  • That Time She Played Volleyball ... in Wedges

    kate middleton volleyball
    Mirrorpix/Splash News

    Hey, anyone who can't resist a volleyball game is a friend of ours. Nice form!

  • That Time She Visited the Set of 'Downton Abbey'

    kate middleton downton abbey set
    Splash/Downton Abbey/Nick Briggs/Splash News

    Because, um, awesome. Also, hilarious to see her in the kitchen. 

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  • That Time She Helped George Slide Down a Grass Hill in His Cute Clothes

    kate middleton with george on a hill
    Splash News

    #BFFGoals and #MomGoals?

  • That Time She Rolled Her Eyes at an Obnoxious New Yorker


    When someone told the duchess to "keep wrapping" during a charity event, she did what most people would do: She rolled her eyes. 

  • That Time She Laughed This Hard

    kate middleton laughing
    Jeff Moore/Splash News

    We're not even sure what's going on here, but we can say this: If we were besties with Kate, she'd be laughing this hard all the time. Just sayin'. 

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  • That Time She Did This


    Though, we've gotta say: Prince William is definitely giving her a run for her BFF money.

  • That Time She Drank a Huge Beer After a Rowing Race

    kate middleton beer
    Zak Hussein/Splash News

    Because what else does one do after a rowing race?

  • That Time She HANDLED Ish at Pippa's Wedding

    kate middleton at pippa's wedding
    Retropix/Splash News

    Oh, you thought you were going to talk and joke around during Aunt Pippa's wedding ceremony, kids? Think again. Respect, Kate!

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  • That Time She Bottle-Fed a Baby Goat

    kate middleton bottle feed goat
    Zak Hussein/Splash News

    Because ... we want to do that, too. 

  • That Time She Looked Bored Out of Her Mind

    kate middleton
    James Whatling/Splash News

    Because, let's be honest, all of those stuffy events can't be as riveting as the royals make them out to be. 


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