15 Times We Wished Kate Middleton Was Our BFF

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Let's be frank here: Kate Middleton leads an incredibly charmed life, but, well ... she doesn't always seem like she'd be the most fun person to go out with for a drink. Sure, she seems smart and interesting and like she gets it, but how cray does she get? Living in the spotlight of the royal family can't be easy, and obviously she has an image to maintain. But come on, Katie, doesn't a princess let loose once in a while?


After a little digging, it turns out: Yes. Yes, the duchess does let her gorgeously shiny hair down from time to time. And when she does it's amazing. Also, it makes us want to be her BFF all the more. (Be our bestie, Kate? Please? We swear, we are really, really cool.)

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From having a laugh and a drink to cracking up during the most random moments, we found all the times the duchess looked like, well, not a duchess. Guess there's a "normal" person under all that poshness there after all. And that normal person is begging for the other half of our best friend charm. For real, though.

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Here are 15 times we wished Kate was our best friend.

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