Prince George May Be Set to Break a Major Royal Tradition

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Prince William and Kate Middleton aren't exactly ones to stick with royal tradition when it comes to raising their children, but the couple's latest (potential) parenting decision may have Queen Elizabeth clutching her pearls and searching for her beloved gin and Dubonnet cocktail. According to a recent report, the duke and duchess are considering bucking royal custom by sending Prince George to a coed school when he's 11. Because, sometimes following in the footsteps of your father is just plain antiquated.   


Currently, Prince George is attending preschool at Thomas's Battersea, which is coed, but when he turns 11, it will be time to head to another school. Most people assumed that at that point, George would go to the all-boys Eton boarding school, which is where both Prince William and Prince Harry went, but now there are whisperings that it's doubtful. Of all 47 kids who left Thomas's Battersea over the summer, only two went to Eton. The rest opted for coed schools -- and it's likely William and Kate will do the same. "The word on the street is that his parents want co-education and boarding when he leaves prep school," a royal insider told the Sunday Times.

While the move wouldn't be anything new for most parents, some experts are saying it would be a pretty bold decision for the duke and duchess. Richard Cairns of Brighton College said, "It would be groundbreaking for the royal family but it is in tune with the feelings of modern parents."

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Cairns added that "people feel increasingly strongly that segregating their sons from their daughters is an unnatural and not obvious preparation for a world where women and men are equal partners at work."

Again, while the choice may surprise some of William's more conservative family members, it wouldn't be a shock at all to see George attend a coed school. So far, the duke and duchess have proven themselves to be as progressive as possible in a royal family. And no doubt, their kids will be better for it.  

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