Kate Middleton's Brother Is Officially a Single Man -- Get Ready, Ladies

james middleton donna air
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Get your fascinators ready, ladies. Kate Middleton's brother James is officially back on the market. It's been reported that James and his long time girlfriend Donna Air broke up some months back, but have managed to keep it under wraps until now. The couple were spotted together at Pippa Middleton's wedding in May, but from the sound of things, they split shortly after. 

  • Of all the Middleton siblings, James is obviously the least well-known, but once you see him, it's hard to forget.

    james middleton and pippa
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    Kate and Pippa's bro was with Donna, a British television personality, for four years. The pair were often seen attending high-profile events together, but lately, they've both been flying solo. 

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  • According to the gossip, James still wants to be with Donna, and the breakup was her doing. Aww.

    james middleton
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    "James hopes the split will not be permanent," a source told the Daily Mail

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  • That said, it's likely James will have a few suitors if the pair can't manage to patch things up.

    A keen businessman, easy on the eyes, and Kate's brother? Yeah, he should be able to bounce back OK. 

  • Hopefully, for James's sake, the duo will figure things out, but may he rest easy knowing if they don't, it'll be OK.

    james middleton donna air
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    It'll be OK for both of them.

    You're going to make it, guys. We promise.