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  • The 40-year-old actress also notes a turning point in her marriage that made it easy for her to say "I don't" to Indra and "hello" to Pratt.

    Anna Faris and Chris Pratt
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    "I ended up going home early, but everyone else -- including Ben -- went to a club, and he came crawling home from his wild night out at about 7 a.m.," Faris recounts in her book about the time her husband came to visit her on set.

    "I don't know what exactly went down, but the next evening I was talking with [Topher Grace], who played my brother in the film. 'Anna, what the f**k are you doing with that guy?' he asked me.'"

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    She continues:

    "Dan [Fogler, Anna's friend] also told me that if I was going to leave my husband, I had to be a surgeon with a scalpel about it. 'Do it immediately and effectively, he said.'

    .... But even on the phone [with husband Ben trying to break things off] I had to repeat myself a number of times before he took me at my word. 'You're just tired; you're really tired,' he responded at first. I just said: 'Nope, I'm leaving you.'"

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  • Anna jokingly writes that after telling her castmates she left her husband, she was knocking on Chris's door like, "Hi, I'm ready to get boned."

    Anna and Ben divorced in 2008, giving her the green light to tie the knot with Chris in 2009. Anna and Chris would go on to welcome son Jack in August 2012, but recently announced their separation over the summer.

  • While Anna's tea is piping hot, she's not exactly happy about the feelings she had for Pratt while married to another man.

    "Sure, I get to proclaim I didn't f**k Chris before I left Ben, but what is there to celebrate in that? It didn't make me a hero," she continues in her memoir. "After all, I wanted to. Desperately. And I had feelings for him obviously even if I wasn't honest with myself about what those [feelings] were."

  • Though Chris and Anna have since called it quits, you gotta admit, it's quite interesting how they met.

    Anna Faris and Chris Pratt
    @ParisaMichelle/Splash News

    ... very interesting.

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