13 Times Famous Parent-Child Feuds Got Pretty Intense

Kayla Boyd | Oct 17, 2017 Celebrities
13 Times Famous Parent-Child Feuds Got Pretty Intense
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rosie odonnell and daughter
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Parents are always going to make their kids mad -- it's inevitable. And even celebrity parents aren't exempt from this. Actually, it can get even uglier for the famous ones because they have huge social media followings, tabloids, books, and television broadcasts to document their worst family moments. It can get pretty bad, and both sides are usually hurt when a family feud goes public -- especially when it involves their own kids or parents. 

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From Instagram shade to Twitter wars to full memoirs, sometimes these parents or kids have no problem exposing their family issues to the world. A lot of the time, the details are pretty devastating -- and it's hard to imagine having to go through these things at all, let alone in the public eye.

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Whether folks have disowned their kids on social media or people's children have given explosive interviews about them, it definitely doesn't seem like an enviable situation. Some of these famous families have been able to make up, while others have not. 

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Here are 13 parent-child celebrity feuds that got pretty out-of-hand. 

  • Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight

    Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight
    Lester Cohen/Getty Images

    Ever since Angelina Jolie's father Jon Voight left her family when she was a baby, they have had a rocky relationship. In 2002, during an appearance on Access Hollywood, Jon said Angelina had "serious mental problems" on national television. Jolie and her father did not speak for more than six years. In 2010, they reconciled their relationship.

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  • Nicole Kidman & Connor and Isabella Cruise

    Nicole Kidman and Connor and Isabella Cruise
    Matthew Simmons/Getty Images

    When Nicole Kidman won an Emmy for Big Little Lies, people noticed that she only shouted out the two daughters she has from her marriage with Keith Urban. Her other two children from her previous marriage with Tom Cruise -- Isabella and Connor, who were adopted -- reportedly have a strained relationship with their mother due to their practice of Scientology. 

  • Rosie O'Donnell & Chelsea Alliegro

    Rosie O'Donnell and Chelsea Alliegro
    Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

    Rosie O'Donnell recently took to Twitter to accuse her pregnant daughter, Chelsea Alliegro, of trying to profit off the recent suicide of Rosie's ex-wife Michelle Rounds.

    Chelsea told the Daily Mail in an exclusive interview:

    "Rosie will not be in my child's life -- and no, I do not feel sad about that to be honest. Rosie and I don't have a relationship anymore. I don't think it can ever be mended. I really don't think there is any hope for our relationship."

  • 50 Cent & Marquise Jackson

    50 cent and Marquise Jackson
    Elizabeth Lippman/Splash News

    After falling out in 2015, 50 Cent and his son Marquise still haven’t been able to mend their relationship. The two have said negative things about each other on Instagram MANY times: Marquise has accused 50 of missing birthdays and not paying child support, and 50 has publicly disowned his son. 

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  • Courtney Love & Frances Bean Cobain

    Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain

    Frances legally emancipated herself from her rocker mom in 2009. Courtney responded by writing on Facebook:

    "[Frances] thinks she has all this money, [but] the point is I have all the money she has ... I don't care really, I hate to sound cold, but any kid of mine who pulls this sh– has lost her position."

    However, the two have settled their differences since then. 

  • Alec Baldwin & Ireland Baldwin

    Alec Baldwin and Ireland Baldwin
    Ron Smits/London Ent/SplashNews

    Alec Baldwin called his daughter Ireland, from his marriage to actress Kim Basinger, a "rude, thoughtless, little pig" in a released voicemail in 2007. Ouch! He said it has put a strain on their relationship. 

  • Eric Roberts & Emma Roberts

    Eric Roberts and Emma Roberts
    Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

    Actor Eric Roberts had little contact with his daughter, actress Emma Roberts, as she grew up. However, their relationship isn't quite as strained nowadays. 

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  • Mia Farrow & Soon-Yi Previn

    Mia Farrow and Soon-Yi Previn
    Ron Galella/Getty Images

    Actress Mia Farrow's longtime boyfriend Woody Allen left her for her own daughter Soon-Yi. Soon-Yi was cut off from the family and she has been married to Woody since 1997.

  • Ryan O'Neal & Tatum O'Neal

    Ryan O'Neal and Tatum O'Neal
    Paul Morigi/Getty Images

    These two have a much different relationship now than they did when they starred together in Paper Moon in 1973. Tatum claims that by the time she was 16, she only saw her father "periodically." In 2009, while at Farrah Fawcett's funeral, Ryan O'Neal admitted to hitting on his own daughter because he didn't even recognize her! 

  • John Barrymore & Drew Barrymore

    John Drew Barrymore and Drew Barrymore
    Hulton Archive/Getty Images; Ouzounova/Splash News

    Drew Barrymore was estranged from her father, actor John Barrymore, for most of her adult life after experiencing a childhood "tainted by drug abuse," according to Ranker. She emancipated from her parents when she was 15, but the two did reconcile when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2001 and remained on good terms until he passed away in 2004. 

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  • Caitlyn Jenner & Almost All of Her Kids

    Kardashian Jenner family
    Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

    Caitlyn has fallen out with almost all of her kids and stepkids at some point. The difficulties that her oldest kids -- Cassandra, Burt, Brandon, and Brody -- had with her growing up have been expressed on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and in multiple interviews.

    Caitlyn has seemed to patch things up with her biological kids for the most part, but her current relationship with her stepkids is in a pretty rough state. After her 2017 book release, the Kardashian siblings haven't been on the friendliest of terms with Caitlyn

  • Nancy Dow & Jennifer Aniston

    Nancy Dow and Jennifer Aniston
    Paul Harris/Getty Images; PictureLux/Splash News

    Jennifer Aniston didn't speak to her mother, actress Nancy Dow, for almost 10 years after Nancy gave an interview about their relationship. Dow also wrote a full book about their complicated mother-daughter relationship in 1999. Nancy reportedly took Jennifer out of her will before she died in 2016. 

  • Billy Ray Cyrus & Miley Cyrus

    Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus
    Photo Image Press/Splash News

    This father-daughter pair has had their ups and downs. Back in 2011, Billy publicly expressed concern for his daughter's behavior and even compared her to Anna Nicole Smith. He also said that Miley's hit Disney show Hannah Montana "destroyed" their family. Luckily these two are on better terms.  

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