13 Times Famous Parent-Child Feuds Got Pretty Intense

Kayla Boyd | Oct 17, 2017 Celebrities

rosie odonnell and daughter
Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

Parents are always going to make their kids mad -- it's inevitable. And even celebrity parents aren't exempt from this. Actually, it can get even uglier for the famous ones because they have huge social media followings, tabloids, books, and television broadcasts to document their worst family moments. It can get pretty bad, and both sides are usually hurt when a family feud goes public -- especially when it involves their own kids or parents. 

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From Instagram shade to Twitter wars to full memoirs, sometimes these parents or kids have no problem exposing their family issues to the world. A lot of the time, the details are pretty devastating -- and it's hard to imagine having to go through these things at all, let alone in the public eye.

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Whether folks have disowned their kids on social media or people's children have given explosive interviews about them, it definitely doesn't seem like an enviable situation. Some of these famous families have been able to make up, while others have not. 

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Here are 13 parent-child celebrity feuds that got pretty out-of-hand.