Kim Kardashian's Sisters Are Concerned About Her Body Dysmorphia

kardashian sisters
Larry Marano/Getty Images

On this Sunday's all-new episode of Keeping Up With the Karadshians, the conversation about Kim's body dysmorphia continues -- and this time her sisters are getting involved

  • A sneak peek at the episode shows Khloe and Kourtney hatching out a plan to delete Kim's social media off of her phone to help her self-esteem.

    In the clip, Kourtney says:

    "Kim is normally not this insecure. If she just didn't have access to social media or just stopped looking at the blogs, I think that she would start to feel better."

    Kourtney then asks to use Kim's phone while Khloe invites Kim upstairs to help her sort her closet.

    However, Khloe ends up "tortured" as Kim criticizes various things in Khloe's wardrobe. 

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  • Last week’s episode had shown Kim freaking out after paparazzi's bikini photos of her in Mexico popped up online.

    The unbrushed paparazzi images of Kim in her bikini caused a little bit of a stir earlier this year, and Kim's reaction was pretty heartbreaking on last week's episode. 

    In the episode, Kim said if the photos that people see of her are not perfect, "people just body shame and criticize you."

    She continued: "For people just to think that's okay is so frustrating."

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  • This is an interesting dynamic, since Khloe has also faced extreme body image issues in the past -- which is not mentioned in this particular clip.

    It is no secret that Khloe's body has gone though some major changes over the years. Although it's great that she is feeling healthier and better about herself, she has faced criticism for fat-shaming due to the existence of her reality show Revenge Body.

    The show, which assigns personal trainers to people who want to lose weight to gain vengeance on someone, is a reflection of Khloe's own body image issues.

    Hopefully, the advice that Khloe is giving Kim is being applied to her own life as well. 

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  • We just hope that if any of these beautiful ladies are facing body image issues, they are able to help each other through it in a positive way.

    kardashian sisters
    Larry Marano/Getty Images

    Although we will have to tune in this weekend to see how everything plays out, we are glad to see that the sisters want to help each other. 

    Hopefully, Kim (and anyone else with similar body concerns) can find the strength to ignore the negative comments and be happy in her own skin!