Duggar Fans Freak Out About Derick Dillard's Trip to the White House

Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar and sons

The Dillards take Washington, DC! Jill (Duggar) and Derick Dillard recently spent some time the nation's capital, and boy oh boy, some people are not happy about their being there. After Derick shared several snaps on Instagram, critics flocked to his page to let him no that he has no business being there.

  • Fans do NOT like that Derick is a Trump supporter.

    Mr. Dillard has been vocal about his support for President Trump, both before and after the election. While we doubt that they had a sit-down meeting like Trump did with Kanye, just the simple fact that Derick went on a White House tour outraged fans who believe that Derick and the president are in league to ruin our nation.

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  • Fans think Derick needs to get a job.

    One person copmmented, "Who paid for his trip? He doesn't have a JOB and his last couple of grifting campaigns got shut down." Jill and Derick have been blasted in the past for constantly asking their fans for donations to fund their missionary trips to Central America. They even reportedly had to shut down a donations page after asking fans to contribute $6,500 for Derick's enrollment in the Cross Church School of Ministry.

    The Dillards spent two years on and off in El Salvador and other parts of Central America as missionaries, although it's unclear if they were sponsored by a reputable organization.

    We don't know who funded this trip out of Arkansas, but it's clear that fans want answers.

  • They even brought disgraced Josh Duggar into it.

    Before Josh's multiple sex scandals in 2015, he worked as a lobbyist for the Family Research Council. One fan commented, "Vacation in DC! Did Jim Boob fund that? Did you bring Josh with you to show you all of the awesome places to eat and where to have a good time?"

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    Another quipped, "Following in Josh's footsteps? (By going to DC - what did you think I meant? ;)"

  • But mostly, they want to know if he has a "real" job yet.

    Another fan asked, "Did that lazy oaf get a job yet, or are people still donating to their lifestyle?"

    Once upon a time, Derick worked as an accountant for Walmart, which means he presumably has the skills to work a regular job. He also has a college degree, unlike many other 20-something fundamentalists.

    Speaking of Derick's religion, someone else commented, "sorry but they are a Fundamentalist Cult!" We won't comment on whether or not Derick and Jill are part of a cult, but it's pretty clear that their critics don't think religion and politics should mix.