Kim Kardashian Enlists the Help of Grandma MJ to Address Some Rumors

kim kardashian and grandma mj
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As more and more pregnancy rumors circulate, beauty products launch, and relationships evolve, it's definitely not easy to keep up with the Kardashians nowadays. However, Kim Kardashian decided to address some of the rumors circulating about her on her app -- and she had her grandma Mary Jo help. 

  • With all of the rumors making headlines, even MJ doesn't know what's true or not. So the two sat down together to sort some things out.

    According to Glamour, MJ said in a video on the app that she doesn't read tabloids, but she does read People magazine. However, she always hits up Kim when she needs to know something for sure.

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  • MJ admitted that she has to ask Kim if she's pregnant "every other month."

    kim kardashian and mary jo
    Headlinephoto/Splash News

    Now we know that Kim is expecting her third child with Kanye West via surrogate.

  • Unfortunately (but not surprisingly), the two didn't mention the rumors surrounding her sisters' pregnancies.

    khloe and kylie kardashian
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    We are STILL waiting for both Kylie and Khloe (and maybe even Kourtney) to confirm their pregnancies. 

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  • But she did clear up one thing: North doesn't hate her little brother.

    Kim said in the video:

    "Obviously, North loves Saint. She just is still jealous ... she needs to still get it together and warm up and be a little bit nicer. She's not hurting him or anything, she just doesn't want boys in her room."

  • Kim was also over a couple of other rumors involving her having twins and wanting to replace Kelly Ripa.

    Kim said she does NOT want to replace Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly & Ryan.

    She also confirmed that she is NOT having twins.

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  • Welp, there you have it folks. Kim and MJ have spoken.

    At least we can put some rumors to bed.