Derick Dillard's Sketchy Instagram Post Shows Him Breaking a Big Duggar Rule

derrick dillard

Well, slap us silly and call us Susan. Recently, Derrick Dillard was caught dancing -- a strict Duggar no-no. Apparently dancing causes "sensual" feelings, which, as we know, the Duggars aren't here for. Initially, Derrick posted the video to Instagram, but he's since deleted it. However, thanks to a few quick followers, there's still a screen shot. Oh, and you won't believe the song Derrick was cutting a rug to. (Talk about sensual!)

  • In the first video -- which Derrick has left up -- he simply shows a bunch of his friends letting loose and having fun at a party.

    "Had a blast getting to hang out with international friends at the international bonfire last night!" Derrick captioned the video. Some people were surprised to see Derrick at such a "wild" party, but hey, he was behind the camera here and not dancing, so NBD.

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  • Apparently, though, there was another video, where Derrick was dancing. Not surprisingly, it's been taken down.

    Duggar Family News/Facebook

    But, naturally, a Duggar Facebook fan page got a screenshot and posted it online. and from the sound of things, the poster wasn't happy!

    "I hope Cross Church had a nice long talk with Derick," they said. "He's an embarrassment."

  • The reason? The song! Derrick was dancing to "Despacito"!

    Of all the songs, Derrick chose to boogie down to one with lyrics that roughly translate to: "I want you to show my mouth your favorite places. Let me surpass your danger zone, until it makes you scream and you forget your last name."

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  • It's likely that Jim Bob and Michelle are pretty peeved with Derrick right now, but hey. We'd like to see them resist the vocal stylings of the Biebs.

    Think before you post, Derrick. Words to live by.